A glimpse into who we are

North Brew Coffee

North Brew Coffee is a new company devoutly dedicated to providing 100% organic, fair trade, and locally grown coffee beans roasted to perfection. Not only are we supporting our farmers by being Fairtrade certified, but we also donate a portion of our proceeds to a local Ottawa charity, The Mission. We don’t just take pride in our coffee, we take pride in being a part of something greater than ourselves, bringing homelessness to an end and creating a more hopeful future for all.


Our story

North Brew Coffee wasn’t developed in a boardroom filled with fluorescent lights, but instead in the heart of young entrepreneur James Rankin. With a passion to give back to his community and a drive to start his own business, North Brew Coffee came to life late one night in a college dorm room. Since then, James has put the school on hold to pursue his company. As he says, “I can go back to school any time, but for now I just want to continue building.”

What started with one person and a million possibilities has developed into an innovative group that is striving to make those possibilities a reality.  James continues, “I have a team now. A small team, but it’s good to have found people with the same vision I did.” This heart of North Brew Coffee is driven by a passion to create a more hopeful future wherever they may have influence. “The Mission” is a charity based in Ottawa ON. that provides shelter, food, clothing, and offers faith in building a wholesome life to the city’s most vulnerable.

North Brew sends proceeds to “The Mission” in support of their efforts to be a part of something greater than themselves. However, we don’t stop there; all of our coffee beans are locally roasted in Ottawa as well as being Fairtrade and Pro-cert Organics certified.


The future of North Brew Coffee

The future of North Brew Coffee is full of engaging and exciting first steps. Our New Espresso Roast, ready to fill the kitchens of all the brewers out there, hit the market on February 25, 2019. Our Spring/Summer ‘19 is packed with events, outreaches and lots of coffee! As well, we are expanding our brand and are excited to introduce a clothing and accessories line, ready to not only fuel our brewers but style them as well! We are so fired-up for all the incredible opportunities that the future of North Brew Coffee holds and are thrilled that you are tackling change with us one great cup of coffee at a time.


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